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Quickest Way to Lose Weight- 10 Things You Never Knew

Tired of dieting and extreme work out routines? Still unable to reduce belly fat? Did you know that despite all your efforts, there is much more to weight loss. Your quickest way to lose weight might fail because there are many factors that are just beyond your control.

Did you know that your Genes, hormonal imbalances and even diseases play a vital role in obesity. Working out more and eating a balanced diet might not have nearly as much to do as you think with weight loss. “You can see obesity, so it’s easy to say ‘Well, that person must not be trying. He must be lazy. But that’s often not the case.’

Here are some reasons that are beyond your control when it comes to losing fat.

It’s in your Genes

Scientists discovered a gene called FTO in chubby mice, years later they searched this gene in humans who had type two diabetes, and guess what? It showed up in humans too. People having 2 copies of FTO had 40 percent chance of having diabetes and 60 percent chance of being obese than a normal human. Scientists now suspect that there might be many fat genes. 16 percent of the population has two copies of FTO and half of us have one copy. Scientists are starting to believe that genes can be a reason for your obesity. So if your quickest way to lose weight is no go; it might be your genes to blame.

The Red Tea Detox

Some People have More Fat Cell Count

Many people have more fat cells than others. It does not matter if you have lost a few kilograms; your fat-cell count still remains the same. It might seem that you have burned your fat, but the fat inside you longs to be filled up again. Fat cells emerge during childhood but seem to stop when you hit puberty, it all might also depend on you having more fat cells instead of your eating habits!

Stress can Fatten You Up

Stress can also be a cause of obesity, during stressful periods the body triggers the need for food rich in carbohydrates to relax you, and stress hormones also increase your fat storage. To get rid of belly fat you might want to relax as well in addition to working out.

Sleep Good, feel Good

quickest way to lose weight

Sleep deprivation is also said to have a negative impact on your weight. A research at the University of Chicago reported that less sleep disturbs the balance of hormones triggering a decrease in lepton and an increase in hireling. As a result you think you are hungry when in reality you are not. More sleep means you feel full and feel less hungry throughout the day.

Metabolism matters

A Scandinavian research team saw what happens at a cellular level when you gain weight they found out that fat cells undergo metabolic changes that made it more difficult to burn fat. The team suspects that gaining as little as 5 kilograms can slow your metabolism and make it harder for you to lose belly fat.

Your Spouse Weight Matters

Believe it or not if your husband or wife is slimmer and more fit than you. Men and women around them will be drawn to them due to their charisma and personality. But, this won’t mean good news for you. You jealousy will induce stress and you will try to comfort yourself by eating more food. Alternatively, you can wave goodbye to your jealousy and start getting slim with your partner and this would mean a stronger relationship for both of you and an easy way to lose weight.

Your Mom’s Pregnancy Made You Fat

If a mother smokes it increases the risk of low birth weight for her child. Similarly eating unhealthy and sugary foods can also affect a child’s growth. Women would weigh less after birth but their child would be obese thanks to the unhealthy food consumed during pregnancy. Mother’s can eat healthy so their children won’t have to suffer for their cravings by being obese.

You Can Shed More Weight if You Workout Less

Lesser workout? Yes, you heard me right. According to a research printed in the American Journal of Physiology,  men who workout in gym 30 minutes each day can burn 100% more fat over a period of 13 weeks as compared to those who work out for an hour. Why? Researchers believe that shorter keeps you motivated during weight loss to give rather than aimlessly running on the treadmill.

Chocolate Can Make You Slim

quickest way to lose weight

According to the University of L’Aquila, 100-200 grams of chocolate a day can improve your insulin sensitivity. Chocolate is one of the best foods to lose belly fat. And how is that good for losing fats? It is simple, with better insulin sensitivity, your body will consume all the energy from the food you take instead of storing it as fat.

There you have it! Don’t be so hard on your self if you are not losing despite the quickest way to lose weight. Just stay put and motivated. Slowly but surely, you will make it!

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