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No Carb Diet- How to Lose Weight

Most of us are eating a high carb diet but the problem with carbs is that they if not used, they turn into fat. So if you aren’t watching your calories and making sure you work as much as you consume, carbohydrates can easily accumulate to fat.

Going on a low carb or a no carb diet has several benefits, not only will it decrease your calorie intake, it will also make sure that your body is burning away fats rather than using the easy source of energy of carbs. Good diets are associated with lowering cholesterol, reducing blood sugar and decreasing blood pressure.

If you are eating less carbs, make sure to check out my article on weight loss tips and eating more protein to ensure you keep your energy up. Remember your dietary intake needs to give you energy, this energy is going to come from carbohydrates, fats, sugars and to some degrees protein. You need to find the perfect balance that matches your bodies needs. A low carb diet is an easy way to lose weight. Try it today with these low to no carb and fat burning foods.


no carb diet

If you are asking how to burn belly fat then try high protein foods. Foods that are very high in protein are normally low in carbs. So the best source of healthy, clean protein comes from eggs, lean meats, including beef and lamb, and chicken. These foods are essentially carbless. Pork, turkey, veal, venison and bison are also very low in carbs.

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Low Carb recipes also feature seafood. Fish, an incredible source of important, healthy fats and omegas have zero carbs, this include, Salmon, trout and sardines. Low carb seafoods include; tuna, shrimp and haddock.


no carb diet

Veggies are another source of low carb foods. Most vegetables are low in carbohydrates with the exception of starchy, root vegetables. Generally vegetables are 2 – 10% carbohydrates and what carbs there are comprise mostly of fibre. Vegetables such as kale, broccoli, onions, cucumber, peppers, asparagus and their friends like mushrooms, eggplant and tomatoes are all very low carb and yet nutritious and delicious.


low carb diet

Fruits are higher in carbs when compared to vegetables but there are a few that can serve as no carb foods. Fruits are also a key ingredient of high fiber diet. These includes avocado and olives, which are high in healthy fats, strawberry, mulberries and raspberries, which have low sugars. Other low sugar, low carb fruits are lemons, oranges and apricots.


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High fat dairy products also contain little to no carbs. The risk here of course is that you need to managing how your body is reacting to dairy and fat. Cheese, heavy cream, full fat yoghurt and greek yoghurt all contain less than 5% carbs. These low carb foods are also very filling.


no carb diet

A happy surprise for some going trying out a new diet is that high quality dark chocolate contains no carbs. Yay! Even though you are eating less carbs you can still have a nice treat with dark chocolate.

If you want to try a no carb diet but are unsure where to start, try substituting any of your usual carb orientated meals with some of these low food options. No carb diets and low carb diets can still be appetising, make sure that the quality of food is good and that the types of food you are eating are varied.

By increasing any of these sources you will lower the amount of carbs you are consuming and therefor create a more sustainable diet that will promote weight loss.


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