lose weight with in a week

Lose weight with in a week- Top 7 Effective Proven Ways

If you were lazy this winter and couldn’t find time to work on your bikini body, then worry not! We have got your back. Looking to lose weight with in a week? Look no more! Read below and discover the most effective weight loss tips.

Losing weight does not necessarily mean avoiding food and starving. It is possible to lose weight with in a week while maintaining a healthy diet and working out. The borderline is that you must have a strong will and some patience.

7 Proven Tips to Lose Weight With in A Week

Here are some tips to lose weight easily and effectively.

1- Proper Exercises

Proper exercises is an easy way to lose weight. Make a plan that burns around 1000 to 1500 calories a day. If you are not the gym type, at least walk 1000 steps daily to loose weight with in a week.

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2- Cut back on sugars

When we cut back on sugars our hunger levels go down and we end up eating much fewer calories. The other benefits of cutting starches and no carb diet is that it lowers insulin levels, causing kidneys to shed excess sodium and excess water out of the body. This can help to lose weight with in a week. If you are looking for better results, try a high fiber diet.

3- Eating food slowly

lose weight with in a week

It is noted that people who eat their food slowly and chew their food properly are leaner than those who swallow their food fast. The reason being, proper chewing helps breaking up the food and mixing with saliva. Which can be readily digested by our stomach. So it is recommended that chew your food at least 32 times before swallowing.

4- Drink water an hour before taking a meal

Drinking a glass water an hour before having a meal helps in proper breakdown of the food. In addition to that, it helps to avoid over eating.

5- Eat high protein breakfast

easy way to lose weight

Avoiding food doesn’t help you lose weight. Eating the right food is the key. Eat high proteins in your breakfast. Some high protein diet breakfast includes scrambled eggs with vegetables, food cooked in olive oil, an omelette, banana shakes. Mix them with some low carb recipes.

6- Drink warm water in the morning

Drinking warm water in the morning in an empty stomach helps in improving your digestive system which is also helps to lose fat.

7- Honey and lemon drinks

easy way to lose weight

Add honey and lemon in a glass of water and drink in the morning to burn excess amount of fat in your body. You can try other fat burning foods as well.

It is easily possible to lose weight with in a week following these simple steps. The important thing is to stay positive. Be an optimistic and courageous. You’ll surely attain your desired weight. Thank you for sparing your time reading this article. If you have any comments/ suggestions, then please leave them at the end. I will read them all and try to reply at my earliest.

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