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Looking for Soulmate- How to Improve Your Chances

Remember that tingly feeling in your tummy and how your heart skipped a beat when you first met him. Too bad it didn’t work out for you. Don’t throw in the towel just yet. Looking for soulmate can be a tedious task. Especially once you had a few bad experiences forehand. Nevertheless, be a doer. Defy odds and start finding your soulmate signs.

Love is Just a Numbers Game

If you have read my other article, Is He My Soulmate ? Find out Now! Then you must know what are your odds of finding your soulmate. The odds are 1 in 562. To put that in perspective, there is a 1 in 67 chance of having twins, a 1 in 55 chance of making it to a millionaire. Similarly, there’s a 1 in 500 chance that Simon Cowell can be the next Prime Minister of UK! Finding your true love looks like a long shot, doesn’t it?

Having said that, Let’s now focus on how to tilt the balance in your favor and help you looking for soulmate connection signs.

Looking for Soulmate – How to Improve Your Odds?

Don’t panic yet! There are a whole bunch of things that you can do to increase your chances of finding your soulmate. There is a very simple secret to it. The secret is meeting more people, or in other words, meeting more of the right people!

The WorkPlace

Workplace is an excellent place to start when you are finding your soulmate. Getting to know your colleagues more may not seem tacky. But trust me, it can drastically improve the chances of finding your soulmate. On average, we speak to 15 people at work each day. Just imagine if they could help you looking for soulmate and set you up with their friends. There are 16 times more chances that you will find your soulmate.

Hit the Gym

looking for soulmate

Did you know that talking to people in gym has a positive effect on your odds of finding your soulmate? Surprisingly, it can increase your odds by 15 %. Get in your training pants and hit the gym now!

After work Drinks


Drinks work as a charm when breaking ice between strangers and colleagues. Consequently, if you are wondering where is my soulmate, say yes to after work drinks. It will boost your chances by 16 %.

Online Dating

Online dating has revolutionized match making. Due to the years of research and perfect algorithms, it can match you with a person of same interests and life goals. You can also increase your chances of finding love by 17 %. Still looking for soulmate? Get online and get that mouse clicking!

Friends of Friends/ Family

looking for soulmate

We all have that nacky friend who can’t live with the idea of us being single. That being said, it helps your odds. As a result, you can increase your chances by at least 4 % listening to them and meeting people that they choose for you.

That’s all from my side. Do tell me if this article was any help to you. Do share your success stories. Let me know did it help to tilt the odds in your favour!

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