is he my soulmate

Is He My Soulmate ? Find out Now!

One of the purest feeling in this world is loving and then also being loved back. If you are looking for soulmate then you are not the first. Starting with Adam and Eve, Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde it has always been two persons destined to be together. If you have recently been in a relationship where you often get butterflies in your tummy; and you can’t help but ask yourself that is this real? Is he my soulmate? You are in luck! Read on to find the very first soulmate connection signs.

Is he my soulmate ?

So are you ready to find out the truth? Is he your soulmate or is it just infatuation? Let’s start with the rather easy signs.

Was he in a relationship recently?

is he your soulmate

Believe it or not, according to the research at the University of Missouri, rebound sex is a pervasive reality. The research goes on to quantify that almost 35 % of people engage in rebound relationships with in first four weeks of a breakup. Statistically speaking, if he has been out of a relationship recently, don’t push your odds. You will be far better to sit this one out.

Interesting Fact

Are you still wondering where is my soulmate? Did you know that love is just a numbers game? Surprisingly, if you leave it to fate the odds of finding your soulmate are 1 in 562. But you can actually boost your chances. Keep reading to know how!

Is there a chemistry between you two?

I am a person who heeds more to facts and science. Consequently, Love for me, is no longer a theory or a belief. It is actually quantifiable. Still wondering is he your soulmate, look for these soulmate signs when you two are together. Look for one or more of the signs below to answer, have I found my soulmate:

  • Plenty of Smiling
  • Can’t keep your eyes off each other.
  • A Sense of Familiarity
  • Sexual Attraction
  • He makes you laugh
  • Butterflies in your tummy
  • Can’t wait to see him again

Is he my soulmate – Love at First Sight !

Have I met my soulmate? In other words, how will I come to know if he is my soulmate? Hold on to your horses since there is a way. Interestingly, if you have fallen in love with someone at first sight, the chances of him being your soulmate are promising. According to Dr. Earl Naumann, author of Love at First Sight, there is a 60 percent chance that you will fall in love with someone at first sight. Even more fascinatingly, if you have fallen in love someone at first sight, there is a 55 % chance that you will marry him or end up in a long relationship. Is he your soulmate? He may be if you fell for him at the first sight.

Perfect Imperfections

We are all choosy people. Therefore, we prefer beautiful, charming, witty, six packed abs, well settled men for relationships. Does he snore while he sleeps? Or leaves the toilet seat up, or forgets to turn the TV off before coming to bed. Coming back to the million-dollar question: Is he my soulmate? That is to say, if you are overlooking some or many flaws in him then it might be something special.

“Real love is not about holding out for the perfect person or finding someone who meets all the criteria on your list. Rather, real love is about finding an imperfect person and building a messy, beautiful love”

Standing with an Army

is he my soulmate

Is he my soulmate? The answer lies in your heart. If he makes you feel wanted, then he is the one. Who would you rather have on your side? A bunch of your friends, colleagues to support you or him alone.  Above all, if you are with your true soulmate, it is way better than having an army by your side.

If you still haven’t found your soulmate, don’t give up. Since in the coming articles, I will tell you how to tilt odds in your favour and find your true love.


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