how to lose belly fat

How to Lose Belly Fat Without Counting Calories

Being over-weight is not a crime. It is just a lifestyle that needs a little tweaking. Have you tried losing weight with extreme dieting and workouts; only to gain it back? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone. In fact, you are among the 95% of the people who try to lose belly fat with diet control. In this article, I will tell you how to lose belly fat with simple lifestyle changes. You can eat whatever you want, how much you want! This strategy is called the pro-healthy-food-strategy. Read below and find out!

Do Not Ban Junk Food to Lose Belly Fat

how to lose belly fat

If you want to give this strategy a try, you are allowed to eat any food whenever you want. No limits. Nothing is forbidden. You can eat unhealthy food. There’s no calorie counting. It’s all up to your discretion.

We’re using a pro-healthy-food strategy, rather than the common anti-unhealthy-food strategy. When you rely on food avoidance rules, your willpower and motivation to adhere to them will almost certainly fail you at some point, and then it gets awkward. Once you’ve failed, do you reinstate the rule immediately? Do you try a different plan?

Food bans actually make the banned food more desirable in the long term, as we’re psychologically drawn to things we can’t have. A formal ban also suggests that this food is so desirable that your only chance is to force yourself to stay away from it. It’s the wrong approach to lose belly fat, because it increases the perceived value of low-quality food.

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Lose Belly Fat- Goals

The true goal is to eat healthy food, anyway. Eating is mostly a zero sum game, in that if you’re eating healthy food all day, you won’t have room left to fit in other food. Some people fear eating healthy food, thinking they’ll continue to eat the same amount of unhealthy food and therefore eat even more calories. This is not true to a relevant extent, because healthy food WILL take up some room in your stomach and it’s very satiating on a per calorie basis.

Besides, cutting out unhealthy food 100% with no exceptions is not sustainable or desirable for most people. It may sound crazy, but it’s better to fully allow junk food so that you’ll be able to eat less of it in the long term.

You probably have some questions about this approach, such as: How is this different from the typical person not on a diet who already allows unhealthy food and eats it excessively?

Live Between Banning and Mindless Eating

To control food intake, people initially try banning it, causing them to cycle between total abstinence and out-of-control bingeing. You will gain control of your diet by finding a sustainable place between those extremes. Whatever you attempt to do in order to improve your body must be completely and unquestionably sustainable. Trying to do too much will make it worse.

The New York Times said of Danny Cahill, former contestant of The Biggest Loser:

Mr. Cahill, 46, said his weight problem began when he was in the third grade. He got fat, then fatter. He would starve himself, and then eat a whole can of cake frosting with a spoon. Afterward, he would cower in the pantry off the kitchen, feeling overwhelmed with shame.”

This type of shame- and deprivation driven cycle is not only a horrible experience, but it’s also an extremely poor strategy to lose belly fat that results in binges and a waistline that expands like a scared puffer fish. For food and life in general, the harder you directly try to suppress your desires, the stronger they’ll become.

Increase Mindfulness With Little Habits

A no-cake run that ends in a cake binge is far more weight-gaining than not dieting at all. On the other hand, consistently choosing to eat cake less often or in smaller portions can result in a big, permanent, and positive change that can be further improved. Also, when you consciously and mindfully eat cake, you might decide in hindsight that it isn’t worth it, and that could help you choose differently next time. The transition from a person who always eats unhealthy food to a person who allows it but usually chooses not to have it is first mindfulness and then new habits.

lose belly fat

A great “side effect” of having mini habits is increased mindfulness of your food and movement choices every day. Being mindful of your behavior means you’ll be better able to control it. You’ll know your triggers. You’ll be cognizant of what you need to do to lose belly fat.

Mindless Habits to Lose Belly Fat

Even if you do just one minute of jogging in place per day, you’ll be more mindful of exercise. Even if you only drink one glass of water at a specified time every day, you’ll be more mindful of your subsequent beverage choices. One mini habit in your breakfast routine will make you more mindful about your other meals. If there was only one change a person could choose to make for their weight loss journey; the right choice is to increase mindfulness. It helps change bad, mindless habits back into decisions we make and keeps us looking for other opportunities to lose body fat.


When you combine mindfulness about your food decisions with a positive drive forward to eat real foods, the effect is a small and consistent change in the right direction. The power in this change is exceptionally more potent than it will ever seem, because, unlike temporary change, sustainable changes compound over time.

No Limits Means Smarter Choices

I allow myself to eat unhealthy food in any amount, but rarely choose to do so. Because of gradual changes I’ve made to my diet, I now generally prefer the benefits and taste of unprocessed, nature-made food. One day, I ate at a Greek restaurant, and my side choice was fries or a salad. This is a classic weight loss decision between foods at two ends of the spectrum. (I don’t need to lose weight, but my desire to be healthy rivals the desire of people wanting to lose belly fat, so it was a similar situation.)

I had been eating very healthy food for a while, so I decided to splurge and order the fries. But then I started fantasizing about the salad. This isn’t a joke, it’s a true story. I ended up getting the salad when I planned to get the fries; and this sort of thing now happens frequently in my life (and need I remind you, I am a former candy and fast food addict).

This is exactly the reverse of what typically happens with people who have unhealthy eating habits, isn’t it? They try to order the salad, but fantasize about the fries and get those instead. It’s no different from my salad story; it’s just the opposite habit driving the decision.

If I had told myself that I absolutely can’t have fries because they’re unhealthy; the little bit of desire I had for them would have increased dramatically. It would have been a choice between the boring salad I’m “supposed to eat” ; and the forbidden, delicious fries that I can’t have. See how that perspective pushes us in the wrong direction?

Don’t underestimate the power of habit

Don’t underestimate the power of habit to change your preferences. Notice that my salad story above is not about me overcoming an insatiable desire for fries; and heroically choosing the salad. I’m not lying to you when I say I’m lazier and have lower willpower than most people. I didn’t overcome anything and I’m not a hero, I just preferred the salad, which exemplifies why successful weight loss is not a willpower fight.

It is possible for you to plan on eating junk food and desire healthier food when the time comes. If people could fully understand and experience how much easier and more effective it is to target their habits; to change their preferences than to fight themselves; they’d drop the diets and cleanses and prioritize habit formation to lose belly fat.

Habits are our preferences, and, if we’re smart, we can shape them to work for us instead of against. Contrast the effortlessness of habit-driven behavior to the person who tries to win through sheer willpower, suppressing their food choices and calorie consumption for days, weeks, or months.

Those who attempt to win through brute force work much harder, but those who leverage habits work smarter to get much farther. Also try this amazing diet plan to lose belly fat.


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