high fiber diet

High Fiber Diet- Lose Weight With Fibers

Obesity is the most common problem we humans are facing in this world, hats off to the Junk foods. Everyone wants to lose weight and body fat, but only a few succeed. Have you ever heard about the high fiber diet and how it can help you to lose fat?

Macro Nutrients

Whatever we eat, our body splits it into macronutrients which are protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Our body recognizes our food in terms of those macronutrients. By talking about these macros, we often overlook an important nutrient and that is fiber.

What is Fiber?

high fiber diet

Fiber is mainly known as carbohydrate which can’t be digested by our guts. The high fiber diet is mainly categorized into two types- soluble or insoluble. Insoluble fibers mostly help in stool making while soluble fibers will affect our metabolism and insulin level.

The Red Tea Detox

How weight loss and gain mechanism of our body works?

When we eat any food, it will be converted into glucose, which will spike the insulin level of our body and we get the energy to do our daily stuff.

When we do not utilize all the glucose of our body it will be converted into glycogen which will result in fat deposition and weight gain.

We can burn the glucose by burning calories, the more we burn the calories the more we lose the weight.

Now calorie burning depends on the metabolism, the fast the metabolic rate of our body the quick we will burn calories.

How is the high fiber diet useful in weight loss?

high fiber diet

Soluble fibers affect both metabolism rate and insulin level of our body. When we take food which is rich in soluble fibers, it will decrease the amount of insulin production. So the less insulin level spikes the less glucose will produce, the less glucose will produce the less calorie you have to burn.

So you have to burn fewer calories in order to lose weight.

Soluble fibers also increase the rate of metabolism. Metabolism is basically an engine of our body which burns the fuel to produce energy- which is the calories of food we took. The higher the metabolic rate the higher the burning of calories.

Also, a high fiber diet has a high hypoglycemic index, which will make you feel satisfied and prevents you to feel craving for food which is the additional benefit.

So soluble high fiber diet is the game changer if you want to lose weight within a week or so.

High Fiber Diet- What to Eat


Oatmeals, black beans, avocados, apple, citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables, carrot, cucumber, fiber supplements, etc are the fiber-rich and fat burning foods one should be including in daily meals.

According to USFDA (US Food & Drug Administration), an average person should consume 2000 calories a day at least which contains 30 gram of fiber each day.

Bottom Line

One should understand how important role fiber is playing in our health and we must include at least 30 grams of fiber each day in our diet. Weight loss seems really easy once you will follow these weight loss tips and see the drastic result.

Do not forget that health is not all about body weight. Eating plenty of fiber, along with no carb diet, with some healthy exercise is an easy way to lose weight.


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