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Finding Your Soulmate- 5 Ways to Increase Your Chances

Finding your soulmate is a tedious task.  Finding that one person who completes you can feel like an impossible search, but I have five simple steps that can make the search for soulmate signs MUCH easier!

Be Open Minded

finding your soulmate

Don’t treat dating like a job search! If you have a list of qualifications that must be met and a preconceived notion of when looking for a soulmate, you will never find someone who meets all of your criteria.  Instead, stay open-minded and focused on meeting new people.  You can’t expect all of them to be soulmate material, but you only need one!

Be a Good Listener

Listen more than you talk! Learn about the people you meet, and have a genuine interest into getting to know them.  If you spend all of your time talking, you won’t learn enough about them, and your soulmate may slip away without you ever realizing that they were the one!  Another important point when finding your soulmate is to not ask too many questions!  Don’t treat people like they are in an interview; instead, say things that leads the person you are talking with to tell you more!

Try New Things

finding your soulmate

Change your routines! Obviously, your soulmate is not someplace you go often, otherwise you would have met them!  So, instead of going to your favorite diner for lunch, try a new deli or take it to go and eat at the local park; try going to a new bar or club; or sign up for a new class.  Do something to help you to encounter new people!

Be Yourself

finding your soulmate

STOP SEARCHING! When you become so focused on finding your soulmate that you no longer relax and just be yourself because you feel like you have to impress everyone around you, you can’t possibly find your soulmate!  Your soulmate is going to love you for who you are.  If you’re not being yourself, they aren’t likely to find you attractive!  So, focus on meeting people and making friends, and ALWAYS be yourself!

Be Patient

Still wondering, “is he my soulmate“? Don’t write someone off too quickly! This is a big one!  When I met my husband, I couldn’t stand him!  It took 6 months before I would even talk to him, let alone go out with him.  Finding your soulmate is more than just meeting the right person. It is meeting the right person at the right time.  As such, someone that you think could never be your soulmate, may actually be your soulmate, but the timing is wrong.  Look for soulmate connection signs. However, once your or their circumstances change, things may just be more right than you imagine!

Finding your soulmate is hard, but, the best advice there is to give is to be patient, be yourself and focus on enjoying life while you wait!  Finding your soulmate is so much more than just running into them at the grocery store!  It’s all about perfect timing and perfect circumstances, and only the universe can make those things align!  So, go out, enjoy yourself and ALWAYS be open to meeting new people, even if you think that you could NEVER meet your soulmate doing it!


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