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Fat Burning Foods- 10 Foods That Burn Fat

Fat Burning Foods 101

Majority of the foods and beverages contain high concentration of sugar. Consuming foods, such as cakes, Candies, and drinks such as soda result in accumulation of fats in our bodies. So as to burn excess amount of fat in the body, try these 10 fat burning foods.

1. Coffee

fat burning food

Coffee is a drink prepared from roasted beans, the seeds of berries from coffee species. It is a good source to burn fat, enhance mood and improve physical performance. Coffee is darkly colored and has a stimulating effect in the human body due to its caffeine content. This caffeine is an easy way to lose weight and burning fat without any potential side effects such as anxiousness and insomnia. Thus, on an average a person must consume 100-400 mg per day caffeine to burn fat in the body.

2. Eggs

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Eggs are nutrition giving food and are low in calories and rich in proteins. The simple way to burn excess fat from your body is to to switch to no carb diet and add eggs to your meals. Eggs should be taken in the form of hard boiled eggs, baked, scrambled or poached. However, cooking an egg with oil, cheese or butter increases its caloric and fat content. Eggs can be cooked with vegetables to add more nutrition and fiber and to avoid adding excess fat to your body. Eating an egg everyday can be a good way to burn fat

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3. Yogurt

fat burning food

Yogurt is rich in calcium which helps in Burning fat and it also promotes weight loss. It provides all the dietary benefits of dairy without any fat or caloric content added to it. As yogurt is a low fat food it contains macrobiotics and helps keep your stomach healthy and reduces the symptoms of constipation and bloating.

4. Green tea

fat burning food

Choosing green teas as a regular drink apart from other unhealthy beverages is a smart choice. Drinking herbal tea is beneficial. Green tea is rich in antioxidants which is highly effective for burning fat. Green tea also contains caffeine which is an active stimulant to burn fat.

5. Apple cider vinegar

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It is an organic compound and is also known as ethanol acid. The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar also has tremendous benefits for losing fat. It reduces fat storage in the body and also stops fat to build up in the body.

6. Berries

fat burning food

The Berries have a good amount of fiber in them.  Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries contain antioxidant properties which reduces carving to burn the fat in the body. Try other high fiber diet with berries.

7. Green leafy vegetables

fat burning food

For burning the fat in your body green leafy vegetables are a healthy choice. As these green vegetables are also rich in iron which helps to maximize burning fat.

8. Cinnamon and cardamom

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These spices play a vital role in stabilizing blood sugar levels as well as improving insulin levels in your body. These spices are also very helpful in reducing excess fat; as well as reduces extra accumulation of fat in your body.

9. Turmeric

fat burning food

Turmeric can lower the inflammation in the body. Therefore, preventing the growth of fat tissues.

10. Olive oil and coconut oil

fat burning food

These natural oils work as miracle. Avoid refined oils since they contain trans fats. Therefore, add olive and coconut oil in your food to burn extra fat.

These were the 10 highly effective fat burning foods. Please do share your comments and suggestions. Stay tuned for more weight loss tips.


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