exercise to lose belly fat

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat – Fitness Mini Habits

Many overweight people associate exercise with strenuous activity, severe discomfort, and even pain. They think they have to “punish” themselves and their body in order to get the significant fat loss they want. Extreme workouts can definitely bring results, but if the experience worsens your relationship with exercise, those results won’t last. A study found that those who had internalized the stigma of being overweight had lower self-esteem and avoided exercise to lose belly fat.

Why Exercise?

exercise to lose belly fat

This seems paradoxical if you think in terms of simple cause and effect. If you are wondering how to lose fat, and exercise helps weight loss, why would they avoid exercise? Because they find it uncomfortable. They’re overwhelmed by society’s pressure to be thin. Because they think they have to climb 15 mountains before exercise will “show a benefit.” They focus on the stigma of being overweight. In summary, it’s because they have the wrong perspective and the wrong relationship with exercise, which makes them not even want to think about it, let alone do it. Have you tried the best diet plan to lose belly fat?

What’s more valuable: losing 15 pounds in one month from strenuous exercise you hate or losing no weight in a month but enjoying exercise more than when you started? I hope you said the latter, because it is roughly 198 times superior than any exercise program ever devised. You may question it, because 15 pounds is a good amount of weight, but the return from a healthier relationship with exercise—and the knowledge of how to improve it further—will continue to pay off for the rest of your life.

Aim for the Long Term Gain

Choosing the 15 pounds in one month would be like taking a one-time payment of $200 now instead of receiving $100 a week for the rest of your life. Imagine the following. What if you enjoyed exercise and you smiled when you thought of it? What if you did it because you wanted to do it, not because you wanted a result from it or felt pressured or shamed into it? This concept is foreign to many people, because exercise is portrayed everywhere as “the way to a get rid of belly fat” and “the quickest way to lose weight and reducing belly fat.” If that’s all exercise is to you now, you’re going to be very excited to find it’s much more than that.

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Exercise Vs. Active Living

Most experts speak of how exercise to lose belly fat is less important than diet in the weight loss battle, and that’s true in the short term. You can’t outrun a poor diet. In 30 minutes of running, you can burn about 400 calories (depending on your pace and weight), which only amounts to a single Burger King cheeseburger. Switch to smart foods to lose belly fat.

Athletes Michael Phelps (swimming) and J. J. Watt (American football) both train for several hours on some days. They have something else extraordinary in common. Both of these athletes have been said to consume more than 9,000 calories a day while training! Despite eating more than three times as much as a typical person; they don’t get fat, because their metabolism burns through those calories like a bonfire burns through Uncle Jesse’s marshmallow. If you were to try to calculate the calories burned from their training; you’d get a number well under 9,000 calories, because many of those calories are burned at rest. Metabolism matters more than calories, which is why these guys can eat like horses and not get fatter, while another person starves herself on 800 calories a day with no carb diet and gets fatter soon after, because of increased appetite and decreased metabolism.

Our Lifestyle Determines Our Metabolism

Phelps and Watt have a lifestyle of training, but the average person needn’t adopt such an extreme exercise to lose belly fat—we can make big strides with incrementally more active lifestyles than we currently have. The lesson isn’t that we need to exercise for seven hours a day, it’s that our general lifestyle determines our metabolism. While it is important to exercise for overall health, it’s not as important as being active for weight loss.

Today, we seem to think a healthy lifestyle is to remain motionless for 23.5 hours, and then run for 30 minutes on a treadmill. A 30-minute session on the treadmill counts for a lot, but so do the other 23 hours and 30 minutes of the day. According to juststand.org, 86% of Americans sit all day at work. This can easily change.

The Mortality of Sitting

In 2003, 6,329 study participants over the age of six were given an activity monitor. On average, participants wore the monitor for 13.9 hours. Here’s what they found: “Overall, participants spent 54.9% of their monitored time, or 7.7 hours/day, in sedentary behaviors.” Estimates for daily sitting range from 8 hours to as high as 15 hours for some people.

Fitness Mini Habits

If you’ve never been able to exercise consistently, you’ve got to try having a mini habit exercise to lose belly fat. These are just some of the fitness mini habits you could create. There are certainly more! Most of these mini habits take seconds, not minutes or hours. The busiest person on Earth has time for this. The laziest person on Earth has enough energy for this. Mini habits make exercise unintimidating, fun, and always doable (the opposite of nearly every exercise program). Here’s the list of fitness mini habits.

  • One push-up
  • One pull-up
  • One sit-up
  • 10 jumping jacks
  • Run in place for 30 seconds
  • Run on a treadmill for 30 seconds
  • Dance for one song
  • Run up and down a flight of stairs one time
  • Walk beyond the end of your driveway or mailbox
  • Put on your gym clothes (seriously)
  • Give up smoking. Try these best smoking cessation products.

Get in Your Gym Clothes

exercise to lose belly fat

Put on your gym clothes and do one push-up (or other exercise) “Show up” at the gym without specific exercise plans (please try it before you discount it) One intense exercise interval lasting 30 seconds (sprinting, stairs, running in place as fast as you can, etc. Since you can do this running in place, you can do it anywhere!). Alternatively, you can do moderate-intensity exercise to lose belly fat for 30 seconds.

Press play on a workout video (or aim to complete 30 seconds of a workout video) Stand up to work once every two hours (if you have a stand-up desk); or get up for a few seconds every hour to wake up your metabolism if you only have a sitting desk. I find with standup desks, it’s often better not to aim for a set amount of time; but to “just stand up for a moment.” Then I turn the music on, groovin’ as I work. Simply choosing to stand is enough to start the process. As with any mini habit, you may sit back down immediately after meeting your easy requirement. Never fear doing too little. Fear doing nothing.

Fitness Bonus: Do more of the same exercise or more of a different exercise.

Try Variations

You may notice some variations, like putting on gym clothes vs. putting on gym clothes AND doing an exercise mini habit vs. showing up at the gym. For some, doing an exercise when they aren’t in workout clothes is futile for bonus reps, because they don’t want to exercise in business clothes. That’s why there’s a “put on gym clothes” mini habit, which may be enough to start the exercise process to lose belly fat. Others may need to begin exercising in order to get the process started, but also need to be in workout gear, so, for them, the ideal mini habit is going to be something like “put on gym clothes and do one push-up.” Yet others will do well with just a “one pull-up” type of mini habit. I started with one push-up per day, and now I aim to “just show up” at the gym, which has worked really well.

Offbeat Mini Habit (not related to exercise or food)

Meditate for one minute: Meditation is one of the best indirect practices for weight loss, because it improves many relevant areas. It can decrease cortisol levels, improve your willpower, increase your mindfulness and focusing ability; and helps you to stay motivated during weight loss. Each of these has been shown to help with weight management. Meditating for just one minute can make a difference. Try it! Search for “one minute meditation” on YouTube for a guided meditation session.

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