diet plan to lose belly fat

Best Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat Fast

That burning sensation in your chest after climbing up two flights of stairs, jeans that don’t fit, and friends that tell you “I think you’re getting chubby,”— are you getting a bit tired of these?  Are you in dire need of losing those excess pounds you’ve carried around since Thanksgiving three years ago? Right now, maybe you’re feeling awful about your weight and physical appearance. but let me tell you this: the moment that you decided that you need to do something about your dilemma, means you’re already halfway to losing weight, improving your health, and becoming a better version of you. But before I introduce this effective and revolutionary diet plan to lose belly fat that will help solve your problems.

let’s straighten a few things up. Let me ask you a few fundamental questions that may just shift your perspective:

What is the real reason why you want to shed the fat and lose weight?

Is it to boost your confidence and have the perfect bikini body?

Or is it so that you can run that marathon you have always wanted to?

The Red Tea Detox

You see, there’s nothing wrong with wondering how to lose fat in order to become more attractive, but should this be your main focus?

This may be your initial goal, but after committing to this amazing diet plan to lose belly fat, you will soon realize that the benefits are far more extensive than just mere weight loss.

Mood stabilization, hormone regulation, slowed ageing, blood sugar balance, memory and cognitive improvement…these are just a few of the profound changes your body will embrace.

So, besides achieving a “desirable” body, your main purpose will rapidly shift to becoming a healthy, energetic person, avoiding the severe complications of being overweight or obese.

Overweight and Obesity

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines overweight and obesity as an “abnormal or excessive fat accumulation that may impair health.” Experts have recognized that the primary cause of these conditions is a deadly combination of an unhealthy diet, plus a sedentary lifestyle.

It is quite disturbing to note that over 1.9 billion adults all over the world are suffering these conditions (WHO, 2014); 42 million children below 5 years old are also either obese or overweight.

Now you might be asking: How does this affect me?

Well, carrying extra pounds around your mid-section puts you at great risk of developing chronic illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, breast cancer and colon cancer, just to name a few. Although these complications may alarm you, the good news is that obesity can be reversed and the complications that go with it are preventable.

The simplest answer is invariably the correct one, and you have most likely heard it a thousand times before…

A balanced diet mixed with a healthy dose of exercise.

If you are still reading this post; and wondering how to get rid of belly fat then you will be surprised to know that almost 85 % of the world is effected by belly fat or “pot belly”. Children as well as adults suffer from belly fat and it can cause numerous medical conditions. According to NIH belly fat can lead to type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance, hypertension, depression, hear diseases and so on. Hence, getting in shape and losing belly fat is a must.

What Causes Belly Fat

Belly fat is caused by excess carbohydrates that you store in your body. Any thing that leads to weight gain in general, can lead to belly fat. The most common reasons are:

  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Aging
  • Genes
  • Depression
  • Emotional Eating.
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Medications
  • Alcohol

How to Measure Belly Fat

Did you know that belly fat alone can be a health risk, even if your BMI is with in normal ranges? Belly fat can be calculated by finding out the WHR (Waist to Hip Ratio). Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your waist (W) and the circumference of your hips (H). Now divide W by H and find out the ratio.

For example if your waist circumference (W) is 40 inches; and your hips circumference (H) is 45 inches then your WHR is 40/45=0.88

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), anybody having a WHR of over 1.0 is at risk of developing heart and medical conditions.

Diet Plan to Lose Belly Fat

With the help of our dedicated nutritionists we have formulated the best diet plan to lose belly fat. This highly effective meal plan is guaranteed to help you lose belly fat.

diet plan to lose belly fat




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