bone broth benefits

Bone Broth Benefits For Weight Loss

What is bone broth? You’re already familiar with broth and stock; now it’s time to meet their thicker and more potent big brother, bone broth. So what’s the real difference between stock and broth and what are the bone broth benefits? Jessica DeLuise, MHS, PA-C, CCMS, founder of Eat Your Way to Wellness; says that,…

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best exercises to lose weight

14 Best Exercises to Lose Weight

If you are looking for rapid weight loss then here are the 14 best exercises to lose weight. These are my personal favorites when it comes to getting fit. I’ll incorporate some of these exercises to provide detailed workouts, which will include the appropriate amount of repetitions (“reps”) and sets. Best Exercises To Lose Weight…

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weight loss rate

Weight Loss Rate- How Long Does It Take To Lose Weight

Whether you want to lose weight for a special occasion or simply improve your health, weight loss is a common goal. To set realistic expectations, you may want to know what a healthy weight loss rate is. This article explains the factors that affect how long it may take you to lose fat. Weight Loss…

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what happens when you quit smoking

What Happens When You Quit Smoking? A Timeline

One of the hardest things to quit is smoking. Many try only to go back to where they started as nicotine withdrawals are notorious for breaking your willpower when you decide to quit. For those who decide to quit smoking, here’s a timeline of what happens to your body within your first year of quitting.…

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how to burn belly fat

How to Burn Belly Fat – Over Feeding Experiment

If you are eating less to burn belly fat then you are doing it wrong! The hypothesis that eating too much causes obesity is easily testable. You simply take a group of volunteers, deliberately overfeed them and watch what happens. If the hypothesis is true, the result should be obesity. Luckily for us, such experiments…

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diet plan to lose belly fat

Best Diet Plan To Lose Belly Fat Fast

That burning sensation in your chest after climbing up two flights of stairs, jeans that don’t fit, and friends that tell you “I think you’re getting chubby,”— are you getting a bit tired of these?  Are you in dire need of losing those excess pounds you’ve carried around since Thanksgiving three years ago? Right now,…

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exercise to lose belly fat

Exercise To Lose Belly Fat – Fitness Mini Habits

Many overweight people associate exercise with strenuous activity, severe discomfort, and even pain. They think they have to “punish” themselves and their body in order to get the significant fat loss they want. Extreme workouts can definitely bring results, but if the experience worsens your relationship with exercise, those results won’t last. A study found…

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quickest way to lose weight

Quickest Way to Lose Weight- 10 Things You Never Knew

Tired of dieting and extreme work out routines? Still unable to reduce belly fat? Did you know that despite all your efforts, there is much more to weight loss. Your quickest way to lose weight might fail because there are many factors that are just beyond your control. Did you know that your Genes, hormonal…

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Foods to Lose Belly Fat- Grocery Store Strategy

The food you buy from a grocery store has a lot of impact on your weight loss program. The home eating war is won and lost in the grocery store. The food you buy creates your food environment at home, and it is very difficult to fight your environment if it is unfriendly to your…

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how to stay motivated during weigh loss

How To Stay Motivated During Weight Loss

Having troubles staying motivated during weight loss? Still looking for the quickest way to lose weight? Did you know that obesity or fatness, as some will term it, doesn’t only involve physical engagement. In fact, it stretches further than that. There is also the case of social stigma, lifestyle and medical issues which the leads…

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